Best Football Boots of 2020

Honouring the best football boots to have been worn this year.

It seemed just like yesterday that we did the Best Football Boots of 2019. The remake of the iconic red adidas Predator Mania won best Limited Edition boot, the adidas Copa 19.1 won Most Comfortable Boot and the Mizuno Rebula 3 Japan was the unanimous champion of all boots in 2019.

We’re doing things a little differently here in 2020. We had a week’s voting by our community to award a Reader’s Choice nominee for each category on top of our very own winner.

Got any thoughts on the winners? Let us know in the comments below.

Most Underrated Boot

A very good boot that doesn’t get the flowers it deserves. We loved the ASICS Ultrezza AI for its all-round comfort though it doesn’t see the light of day outside of Japan. The Puma King Platinum wasn’t even highly rated enough by Puma themselves to feature alongside their Future and One silos, not until Neymar started sporting them. Then we have the Under Armour Clone Magnetico Pro, endorsed by only a few players in world football, and also the new Lotto Maestro.

The Flashiest Boot

A rebrand of last year’s “Primadonna’s Favourite”, this is an ode to design. Football boots today all look fantastic but these selections are just a cut above. The Nike Mercurial Vapor always makes the list and the new Puma Ultra is a sleek one. adidas is very strongly represented with three of their silos being given the nod.

Best Limited Edition Boot

We’re spoilt for choice here. The brands love a limited edition design, whether it’s a remake or a player exclusive colourway. In 2020, two Predator designs make the list with the uber cool adidas Predator Dragon and the concept adidas Predator Archive catchin the eye. The pink Kylian Mbappe edition of the Mercurial Superfly is a shoo in while another blast from the past in the Nike Phantom GT Scorpion makes the cut. The hipster’s choice, however, is the stunning Diadora Brasils ‘Gold Capsule’.

Best Colourway Set

We love a uniform colour that binds a brand’s football boot collection. Puma’s Fear pack is a creative nod to Halloween we’d like to see more brands do. Then we have adidas’ Uniforia and Glory Hunter pack featuring paint swishes and a cool blue/white/red tone respectively. Nike’s Flash Crimson pack is stunning though we love a black pack too with the iridescent finish adding class to the Kinetic Black pack.

Most Comfortable Boot

Boots that allow you to play without any pain are always welcomed here at BOOTHYPE. These nominees are so comfortable that we never want to remove them. The adidas Copa feels like plush pillows on your feet. The Puma Future is super soft but also allows for customisability to better mould around your foot shape. You can never go wrong with Mizuno and the Rebula Cup is their representative. Underdogs ASICS and Under Armour also make the cut with their comfortable football boots.

Best Barefoot Feel

Some of you prefer a much cleaner touch with little between you and the ball. These purists will definitely love our nominees. The most recent launch models; Nike Phantom GT, adidas X Ghosted and the Puma Ultra all make the list. The adidas Nemeziz still remains a boot with a thin upper though people forget how thin the Puma King Platinum is despite being a leather boot.

Biggest Surprise of 2020

We’ve had quite a few moments that caught us by surprise. Balenciaga’s launch of football inspired apparel was greeted with incredulity while Puma’s sweep of top talent including Neymar and Lewandowski was a welcome change from Nike’s stranglehold of players. We’ve also seen more classic football boots worn than ever before and the return of carbon fibre in the X Ghosted were loved by us at BOOTHYPE.

Boot of the Year 2020

The big one. We’re limiting it to only football boots launched this year. The adidas Predator 20 was the most hyped boot launch in years and its popularity can’t be ignored. Mizuno continued to deliver with the excellent Mizuno Morelia Neo 3 Japan while Nike merged their two silos to produce the sleek Nike Phantom GT. That said, we think most eyes will be on the two latest speed boots, the adidas X Ghosted and the Puma Ultra, to take home the big prize.

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