Sneak Peak: Puma X First Mile Ultra

At BOOTHYPE, we’re big fans of anything that promotes and uses sustainable methods of production, like Green Guards. So, seeing screenshots of the Puma X First Mile Ultra collaboration got us very excited.

For the uninitiated, First Mile is a company that helps micro-economies in Haiti, Honduras and Taiwan by collecting plastic bottles and turning them into yarns that are used to make products. They follow the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals in order to achieve this. Puma has already been working with First Mile on things like apparel and casual shoes but are taking their partnership onto the pitch with the Puma X First Mile Ultra.

As for the boots themselves, the colourway is reminiscent of the one of the Puma Future 18.1 colourways. It looks like the ocean, which links the boots to where the plastic bottles that have been recycled are from.

This particular model of the Puma Ultra also seems to have less volume than the current model. The heel also appears to have more of natural shape to it, so the heel lockdown will likely be stronger in these as well. The upper also seems like it has been reworked and makes the boot seem lighter than the current models, which is an idea that seems crazy considering how light the current model of the Ultra already is at just over 150g.

Puma Ultra First Mile

One of the few things that hasn’t changed is the soleplate. In the past, Puma have been rightfully taken to task for using the same soleplate over and over again. We don’t mind here as the current Puma Ultra soleplate is quite nice and has a good amount of the aggression you would to expect to find from a modern speed boot.

What do you think about these Puma X First Mile Ultra? Let us know in the comments below.

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