Sneak Peak: Adidas Predator Accelerator Remake

The Accelerator is back, again. Adidas really seems to love their remakes. Having already given us one adidas Predator Accelerator remake this year, The Three Stripes will once again be releasing an all-original colourway for this next drop.

This next Predator Accelerator remake will have the same colours as the launch Predator Freak. It matches up with the rest of the Superlative pack quite nicely. This colourway might be a hit or a miss depending on your taste, but we are quite fond of these.

One of the issues with these is probably the fact that adidas has only just recently released another Predator Accelerator – one that came dressed in full black.

Having the black accents on the boots do a good job of making the rest of the colours pop better, which makes it a good decision keep black as a base colour on this Predator Accelerator Remake. One good thing about this remake is that they provided a new colourway instead of just re-releasing a classic one. We really appreciate when remakes try to do something a little bit different.

Adidas Predator Accelerator Remake

The bright yellow and blue also do well highlighting the various parts of tech. The bright yellow heel is a nice touch, too. The soleplate itself is the same soleplate you would find on an existing adidas Predator Freak or the recent Predator 20.1. But this isn’t a bad thing since the soleplate works well on multiple surfaces with no issues. Plus, it helps keep the weight of the Predator Accelerator Remake down.

Overall, its nice that adidas continue to mix things up. Some people seem like they are starting to get tired of all of these remakes releasing and we were wondering if adidas will change things up. And they did with a brand new colourway for this remake.

Expect these to be launched within the next week or considering how the boots carry the same colourway as the recently released adidas Superlative pack.

What do you think of this Accelerator remake? Please let us know your thoughts in the comments!

All photos credit to OFOBALL

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