Best Football Kits for Euro 2020

We might be a year late with Euro 2020 due to the pandemic but that hasn’t dampened our spirits when it comes to the lovely football kits that would be on show at the big tournament. The brands have finally revealed all their kits alongside their respective national federations and boy do they look spiffy.

For this tournament, I felt that the brands saved their best work for the away kits where they had more freedom to express creativity in design. Below are my picks for what I think are the Euro 2020 kits that are just dripping in sauce.

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Italy third kit

It is so rare that national teams have a third kit but in the case of Italy and Puma, this was a decision that made sense once you saw this beauty. It was launched way in advance (October 2019) and still remains one of the most beautiful kit ever launched in the last 10 years in my opinion.

The Gucci-esque design takes inspiration from the Renaissance period to celebrate the New Wave of talent rising to prominence in Italy on and off the pitch. A truly fitting way to celebrate an exciting crop of Italian players.

Italy away

Close on the third kit’s heels is the official Italian away kit clad in white and dark blue. It pulls from the same Renaissance themes as the third kit to bring a design that is as stylish as it is clean.

Germany Away

adidas took a little longer to announce their away kits since the pandemic put the brakes on the Euro 2020 tournament but it was worth the wait for this Germany kit alone.

adidas and Germany made a bold choice with a full black top that even meant that the adidas and federation logo were blacked out. The only colours that popped were the subtle red and yellow trims on the sleeve cuffs. Such designs are usually reserved purely for limited edition sets which makes it even more surprising that this was a general release.

Get them before they sell out.

Sweden Away

The Scandinavians are pretty fond of a clean and simple design and so do we, here at BOOTHYPE. The Swedish kits are usually a study in minimalist design and you can definitely see that in the current season’s away kit.

A primarily dark blue base is offset against thin yellow pinstripes producing one of the cleanest kits around.

France Away

Another clean entry in our list is the French away kit. A very simple design that pays tribute to the Tricolour flag. A primarily white top symbolises unity in the French country while the Tricolour forms a strip down the sides.

Expect Pogba, Griezmann and co. to make a big claim for Euro 2020 in style.

Portugal Training

The highlight of the Portugal collection isn’t so much the home or away kits – which look good, don’t get me wrong – but the training top. It’s an all black number with a red and green stripe cutting across the left sleeve.

The matte emboss of the federation crest all across the top is just the touch of class the reigning European champions deserve.

Austria Away

Another of the more unique motifs in this year’s collection, Puma brought their A-game when it came to designing Austria’s away top. It features a feather print all over, inspired by the Vienna Secession art nouveau style movement of the late 19th century. 

Definitely crafted for someone who wants to don something a little different.

Iceland away

Inspired by the volcanic activity of Iceland and its stunning natural beauty, this gorgeous white kit could easily be my favourite of the lot. The subtle patterns and red lines catch the eye but none more so than the new KSI logo, which combines the guardian spirits of Iceland; the bull, the giant, the vulture and the dragon.

A roaring first attempt between Puma and Iceland here.

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