Sneak Peek: Puma Ultra “Spectra” colourway

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Puma has been making big leaps forwards in the footballing department in the last couple of years. A part of this has been the excellent Puma Ultra. It has become the current “people’s speed boot” because of its welcoming fit and it has also come in a variety of cool colourways. With the upcoming “Spectra” colourway, Puma looks to continue the trend of launching eye-catching design that will surely be enjoyed by their fans.

Puma Spectra Ultra

With this Puma Ultra Spectra, the Big Cat has given the boot a mostly white base interspersed with nice multi-colour knit – helping the boot stand out on the pitch. Another feature that helps the Spectra pack’s good looks is the chrome finish on the forefoot of the soleplate. However, I think it’s a shame that the finish doesn’t extend to the heel region but it’s still a good looking soleplate nonetheless.

Puma Ultra Spectra

The only drawback with that soleplate is that it looks like it’s a wearable finish which means the glossy finish will peel and wear off after extended usage on the football pitch. Outside of this, the colours combine well for a good look. The deep red logos and wording pop beautifully against the white base and coloured knit – a great choice by Puma.

Puma Ultra Spectra

I think Puma made a smart decision by not spamming the knit with too many colours and the Puma Ultra’s current construction with how the threads are spread out does give the effect a nice balance while still enabling the white base to shine.

Hopefully, the Puma Ultra in the Spectra colourway will get a lot of on pitch support. The boot will probably look excellent in blurred photos and great on feet.

What do you think of the Puma Ultra Spectra? Please let us know in the comments below!

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