Sneak Peek: Mercurial Vapor Safari

Nike is bringing back a fan favourite

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Since 2008, Nike have always had boot fans seeking out any Safari colourways the brand drops. This year, Nike will look to sate some of that demand. This new Mercurial Vapor Safari looks like it’s bringing back the loved design. But it also appears that the Swoosh will tweak the formula slightly.

Mercurial Vapor Safari

Along with the usual safari pattern, Nike is adding some volt accents. This might be cause for some to skip, but it’s good to see Nike freshen up the safari design. Moving away from the original orange colourway gives it a more modern look, in our opinion.

Another small addition is the few silver accents. These match with volt accents and help give the Mercurial Vapor Safari some pop. It will allow the boots to stand out. Of course, it’s a Vapor, so it will be popular but these accents will definitely help raise demand for the boot. This might just be one of those colours that you end up seeing replicated everywhere.

Mercurial Vapor Safari

Even though so far we only have the Pro models featured here, expect the Elite models to look that much better. We do wonder whether this boot will just be for Cristiano Ronaldo. It’s hard to see Nike having a lot of players representing this design as it’s so tied to CR7 though we won’t be surprised to see Kylian Mbappe being the face of the Mercurial Vapor Safari as well.

Mercurial Vapor Safari

Strangely, these leaks of the Mercurial Vapor Safari doesn’t include CR7’s logo. With Nike cutting costs, don’t be surprised if CR7 isn’t fronting the brand as much as he used to.

We already know a Dream Speed colourway is coming, to be worn by most of their marquee Mercurial players. Though we don’t have any dates yet, it would be a stretch to think that Nike would launch this so close to the Dream Speed collection.

What do you think of the Mercurial Vapor Safari? Please let us know in the comments below!

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