Sneak Peek: adidas x X-Men collaboration

Xavier’s school for gifted mutants get kitted out good.

Wow. Just wow. This is the Marvel crossover event we didn’t expect, but definitely needed in our life. Professor Charles Xavier has done loads for mutantkind but none of his feats may come close to kitting out his students in the best gear available – namely this X-Men collection developed by adidas.

In these set of images by Ofoball and Footyheadlines, we see some amazing adidas x X-Men gear that combines two of my favourite things – football boots and comic books.

Weapon X Ghosted

Editor’s update: 1 April 2021 (no this isn’t an April Fool’s joke =p)

Below are some new images courtesy of Tokyo Football showing close ups of the X Ghosted .1 that features the “Cyclops” graphic. It’s a lot cleaner in its aesthetic and it also features a pretty cool image of Cyclops on the back of the heel.

First up, the leader of the pack – Cyclops. This leak shows the takedown adidas X Ghosted .3 Turf with a design featuring the X-Men leader in the style of a classic comic book. The predominantly yellow base is supported by blue colours on the sole and on the graphics – representing the traditional colours of the X-Men uniform.

What’s really cool is that the one display of Cyclops’ ruby red optic blasts are featured on the three stripes, complete with a fade that you usually only see in the comics or the definitive 90’s cartoon series.

The comic book treatment is also seen on the insole as we see the adidas and Marvel logo splashed where the heel rests. Notice that it says “Marvel” and not “X-Men”. Are we going to expect bigger collections in the coming months? One can only hope for a proper collection featuring Avengers, Spider-Man, Dr. Strange and more.

If the takedown model is this lovely, I can only imagine how amazing the top of the range X Ghosted + and X Ghosted .1 would look like.

A Predator with its claws out

I don’t think it gets any better than this. The adidas Predator Freak .1 had to be modelled after Wolverine – there’s just no other way. The Predator Freak seems perfectly made for the rabid berserker with its Demonskin and aggressive design.

It sports the classic black/yellow/blue combination that Wolverine wears in the comics and cartoon series and its treatment on the Predator Freak is astoundingly good.

The black pointy ears on his masks dovetail nicely with the mid-cut sock, also in black. The back of the heel features some savage stripes and the iconic X-Men logo alongside the aggressive Predator logo.

Like with Cyclops, the mid-foot features comic strips featuring Wolverine. But the pièce de résistance is surely the primal, animalistic Demonskin painted in grey to reference his iconic claws. If only they were made from real adamantium. This is a real beauty and must have for any collector or lover of Marvel comics.

What other collaborations and designs would you like to see between adidas and Marvel? Let us know in the comments below.

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