Sneak Peek: Puma Future Z Leather

Fans have been raving about the new Puma Future Z. Coupled with some great marketing alongside Neymar, the boot has definitely caught the eye with its cleaner design while keeping focus on fit and lockdown through its new midfoot compression band.

While the upper is mostly knit with a synthetic coating, our friends from @tokyo_football shared with us some upcoming photos of the Puma Future Z in a leather upper format. This isn’t the first time Puma has attempted to create a leather version of a football boot with the big cat having developed a leather version of our 2020 Boot of the Year, the Puma Ultra.

puma future z leather football boots soccer cleats

From the current screen grabs we’ve seen, it seems the compression band and the lace area remains knitted while the rest of that upper is made from a thin leather material.

It is also quite telling that the listing for “Grip Control Pro” remains on the heel of the boot that tells us to expect the sticky grip coating that was on the knitted Puma Future Z variant to appear on the leather version as well. The matte finish on the leather upper hints at this coating which many people don’t realise exists on the knitted Puma Future Z until you actually have them in hand.

Whether it is as sticky as its knitted counterpart, we’ll have to wait and see.

And finally, this leather version includes an extra feature listed on the heel – “Lazertouch”. Lazertouch is a Puma technology that debut with the modern iteration of the Puma King which uses lasers to etch patterns and textures on the boot’s upper.

In these photos, you see some textured designs on the forefoot that probably is the result of Lazertouch. Honestly, it doesn’t look to aid too much in grip and seems more of an aesthetic feature rather than a practical feature.

A leather version of Puma’s popular boot might be enticing for those who can’t bear to wear anything other but leather on the pitch though don’t expect this to be as commonly available due to its relatively low demand by customers.

Considering this boot carries the same look as the recently announced Puma Eclipse colourway, expect the leather version of the Puma Future Z to hit the stores within the next week or two.

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