Best Football Boots for Goalkeepers (and some gear too)

The best gear for the last line of defence.

Never has it been cooler to be a goalkeeper. The role has evolved much more than just being a defensive wall. In today’s game, you’re also tasked to be the starting point of attack. Players like Ter Stegen, Ederson and Neuer are so good with their feet that they can easily slot in to midfield.

With demands on goalkeepers being higher than ever, we worked with the goalkeepers’ union to highlight selected football boots and gear that could give you the edge in your weekend match.

The Sweeper Keeper

With the high line being the norm in football, the goalkeeper has to be ready to snuff out any opposition attacks in a wide open, gaping defensive line. A split second can be the difference between a successful last ditch clearance or a mistimed tackle punishable with a red card.

For the sweeper keeper, go with a boot that makes you feel fast and gives you the edge in sprinting forward. It’s hard to look past the Nike Mercurial Vapor (or Superfly) when it comes making you feel fast. The Mercurial series is famous for its stiff soleplate that snaps back into position when flexing your foot, giving you the spring effect when running. The boot’s tighter feel and lockdown also makes you feel like you should be on your toes, ready to get to the ball before anyone else.

We can’t talk about a stiff soleplate without mentioning arguably the best speed boot on the market, the adidas X Speedflow.1. The carbitex infused soleplate adds that extra stiffness, which combines beautifully with the super soft and thin upper for an extra nice ping on the ball. The raised forefoot on the soleplate further helps to keep you on your toes all the time, helping you perform those quick tricks to float out of trouble when an enthusiastic striker puts on the after burners to press you.

The Playmaking Goalkeeper

Another demand of the modern game is for the goalkeeper to be the starting point of attack. The goalkeeper is now deemed just as important in the build up as the central midfielders. Often, the ball will circulate precariously around the defensive half, demanding that the goalkeeper receive the ball at feet and redistribute it under a pressing opposition forward.

To be able to do this well, the goalkeeper must feel comfortable on the ball with an emphasis on a good touch under pressure. Any number of leather boots could do a decent job to help you cushion the ball but we’re going for the most cushion-ey one of the lot – the Mizuno Rebula Cup. Not only does the boot come with a super soft leather upper, put together by premium Japanese craftsmanship, the boot has also got foam pods for that added cushioning to give you the best first touch possible – even with the ball fizzed into your feet by an under pressure defender.

A big bonus is how soft the entire boot feels on the inside, keeping you comfortable and cocooned in its luxurious pads while you keep yourself ready for action.

The Old School Long Punter

If you’re from the old school who love to kick it long, then look no further than a Concave boot. It’s an obscure Australian brand that first developed their boots for Australian Rules Football where kicking it long was encouraged.

Concave installed a hard and wide plastic shield, called the Powerstrike zone, at the top of the lace area of all their football boots to help players kick the ball harder and more accurately. We’re not sure if those claims are legitimate but the Powerstrike zone at least removes the sting of the hard impact of a drop kick.

Personally, we have reviewed a Concave boot, the Concave Aura, and it wasn’t a comfortable ride. But if you’re curious about trying out the Powerstrike zone, most Concave boots are pretty low priced in comparison to the bigger brands and this might just be worth a punt just for the experience.

The Corner Kick Melee Battler

Corner kicks are not fun for goalkeepers. From having to organise their team in a crowded space to jostling with hulking opposition players, these set pieces become a mini skirmish that will leave you bruised and battered. Goalkeepers are targeted and have their movement impeded, often with their toes cynically stepped on.

Such scenarios require a sturdy boot which offers sufficient protection but also isn’t too thick that you can’t get a feel of the ball at your feet. Step in, the adidas Copa Sense.1. Despite a soft k-leather upper in the forefoot, the new upper material feels extremely protective, thanks to the Sense Pods which provides further protection for those touch tackles.

The boot is also an excellent all-rounder, providing a close touch on the ball and is one of our favourite boots to strike the ball with.

Protective gear

Speaking of bruises, goalkeepers have to be brave to fling themselves into the thick of the action against onrushing forwards who may not be too concerned with the ‘keeper’s welfare.

Football is a contact sport and we’ve seen how players like Petr Cech have been on the end of some life threatening injuries. Unlike Cech, we Sunday League players don’t have world class healthcare facilities and services if and when such freak accidents do happen.

If you’re looking for a safety first approach, look no further than Storelli’s protection line. Their headgear was used by Wayne Rooney and is built with military-grade protective foam to resist impact. Their 3/4 pants use Poron along the lateral side of the leg to protect goalkeepers from the fall impact when making a save. Padding is also included around the hips and knees for added protection without restricting mobility.

Did we miss any boot or gear that would aid a goalkeeper? Let us know in the comments below.

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Hy! Just one little comment: as a sweeper-keeper having tried almost anything, nothing beats a 6 stud SG leather boot, and if it has flip-over tongue the better. A heavier boot helps with longer shots, like golf drive, the comfort, touch and protection of leather is unbeateable and the tongue helps with volleys. The 6 stud SG (if you’re on a muddy pitch, if not the 12 conical studplate is the way to go) offers good customizable traction without any clinginess like it happens with blades, plus they are a good deterrent against “cuddly” strikers. Finally, they are comparatevely cheap. Just my 2 cents, you should’ve included this option (World Cup, Morelia, King, PdO, Ryal…).

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