Best football boots for strikers

Football boots that give you the edge when hitting the target.

Strikers have it tough. They’re usually on the periphery of the game and are expected to come alive and deliver in those rare moments when they have the ball at their feet. Performing during these crucial moments in front of goal can be the difference between being a dud or being celebrated as your team’s hero.

For strikers, that connection with the ball is key in making sure the ball ends up at the back of the net. Below, we list 5 football boots that can add a little thing or two to your touch to help you be the game-changer in your match.

Nike Mercurial Vapor 13

The Nike Mercurial Vapor 13 was developed for the modern striker in mind. It makes you feel really light on your feet and that anatomical soleplate keeps you locked in for any high speed movements in straight line or laterally.

However, one of the most amazing things about the Mercurial Vapor is how close you feel to the ball with every touch. If you’re a player who needs to feel every bump on the ball, the barefoot sensation on the Vapors ensure that there is little distraction when you thump the ball towards goal. It feels raw and connected in the Mercurial Vapors – perfect for the player who strikes on instinct.

Puma Future 5.1

The Puma Future 5.1 is one of the best boots in the market right now because it ticks so many boxes in what I like in a pair of boots. It’s relatively light and the Netfit upper’s soft, stretchy and accommodating to keep your feet comfortable in any situation while providing exceptional lockdown.

And it’s this sock-like Netfit upper that seals the Future’s place on this list for me. Despite its busy looking design and textures on the upper, striking the ball feels crisp and very clean with just the lightest amount of padding to take the sting away from the strike. All of this, without losing the close feel of the ball. And if you’re a stickler for an even cleaner surface, you can relace your boots to have your strikezone clear of laces.

adidas Predator 20.1

Strikers who love curling the ball just past the keeper’s fingertips, the adidas Predator 20.1 is your new best friend. It’s the grippiest football boot currently available (and also of the last few years) with its unique “Demonskin” spikes across the key strike zones on your feet.

Coupled with good technique, the Predator can be a mean machine that could physically give you that extra spin on the ball. Because there hasn’t been a boot like this in a long time, the grip might take a bit of getting used to but don’t’ fret, the sensation will feel second nature in no time, just like those Beckham-esque free kicks you’ll be striking from outside the box.

Nike Phantom VSN 2

Your eyes are not playing tricks on you. It’s the Phantom VSN 2, not the PhantomVNM that I think is more suited for strikers. While the PhantomVSN has been marketed as a midfielder’s boot, I believe the all-round grippiness can aid a striker in the box.

Like the aforementioned adidas Predator, the PhantomVSN provides an enhanced grip on the ball. The Flyknit upper isn’t as grippy as the Predator’s Demonskin but its sandpaper-like texture can still help you control the ball better than 95% of the boots out there. It also helps that the upper is coated with this texture liberally all over.

Trapping a quick pass or a long ball with any part of your feet is made easier with this grippy upper, especially in the confined areas of the penalty box. And you can be sure that the Phantom VSN 2 helps you connect with the ball better than most boots out there.

Mizuno Rebula 3 Made in Japan

Another “midfielder’s boot” that makes it to our list. The Mizuno Rebula 3 (MIJ) is a great all-rounder’s boot that focuses on a luxurious touch on the ball through its excellent kangaroo leather and CT-Frame construction.

This is perfect for the forward who sees themselves as the team’s Dimitar Berbatov – a striker who is a master of one-touch football and enjoys the deceptive flicks that puts a supporting teammate through on goal. To blast a ball at full pelt would be beneath this striker – he needs only to gently caresses it into the bottom corner with all the time in the world despite being heavily marked. Pure class, just like the Rebula.

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