Best football boots for strikers

Football boots that give you the edge when hitting the target.

Updated on 31 August 2023 to reflect latest boot models and reviews.

Strikers have it tough. They’re usually on the periphery of the game and are expected to come alive and deliver in those rare moments when they have the ball at their feet. Performing during these crucial moments in front of goal can be the difference between being a dud or being celebrated as your team’s hero.

For strikers, that connection with the ball is key in making sure the ball ends up at the back of the net. Below, we list 5 football boots that can add a little thing or two to your touch to help you be the game-changer in your match.


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For those with quick feet

Speed boots are all the rage and especially so for strikers who want to feel fast and nimble in attack. We’ve got 3 amazing boots that fit this profile.

Making the list at an impressive 190g, the Mizuno Alpha MiJ is designed for ultimate speed.

The Mizuno Alpha is a boot that makes you feel light on feet and nimble with every step thanks to the incredibly responsive KaRVO inserts that lends that extra spring during acceleration.

Coupled with the extremely thin synthetic upper, you get a true barefoot feel that makes tip-toeing around a bruising defender feel like a breeze.

Another boot designs for the classic speed feel is the Puma Ultra Ultimate 2023. Also featuring a razor thin upper, the boot cuts quite narrow if you’re looking to feel locked in around the mid foot.

Lockdown and agility

For forwards who love to twist their defenders inside and out, a boot that allows you to feel secure with all that movement is key. There is no better boot than the Puma Future Ultimate when it comes to lockdown thanks to its compressive upper.

Another honourable mention would be the Nike Phantom GX. The boot wraps itself tightly around your feet for maximum lockdown though we found putting on the boot a challenge, especially in the high cut variant, though you’ll get a clean touch with the lace covered upper.

Exquisite touch

The Mizuno Morelia Neo 3 Japan is a great all-rounder’s boot that focuses on a luxurious touch on the ball through its excellent kangaroo leather and fit.

This is perfect for the forward who sees themselves as the team’s Dimitar Berbatov – a striker who is a master of one-touch football and enjoys the deceptive flicks that puts a supporting teammate through on goal. To blast a ball at full pelt would be beneath this striker – he needs only to gently caresses it into the bottom corner with all the time in the world despite being heavily marked.

Whether you go for the knitted Beta or the classic Neo 3 with the tongue, expect the experience to be pure class, just like Berbatov.

Swerve master

Strikers who love curling the ball just past the keeper’s fingertips, the adidas Predator Accuracy is your new best friend. It’s the grippiest football boot currently available (and also of the last few years) with its modern and sleek lines of rubberized elements generously featured across the boot.

Coupled with good technique, the Predator can be a mean machine that could physically give you that extra spin on the ball. Because there hasn’t been a boot like this in a long time, the grip might take a bit of getting used to but don’t fret, the sensation will feel second nature in no time, just like those Beckham-esque free kicks you’ll be striking from outside the box.

Have a boot you feel is perfect for strikers that’s not on the list? Let us know in the comments below.

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