adidas Uniforia Pack

adidas’ fresh summer colourway for Euro 2020.

We’ve seen (and reviewed) the beautiful adidas Uniforia ball so it comes as no surprise that the new pack, meant for Euro 2020, looks just as stellar. Like the ball, the colours and design are inspired by the unity & euphoria (hence the name) of art and design.

The Uniforia Pack all feature a white base with a splash of paint across the upper. It’s a pretty fresh look and it’s a shame we won’t actually get to see players strut these boots on the pitch for the Euros. For now, we’ve just got to settle for the end of the Bundesliga season to see these bad boys on show.

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Predator 20+

adidas uniforia pack football boots soccer cleats - predator 20

The Predator has had some really aggressive and loud colourways to accompany its rugged looks and it’s taken me a while to get used to the softer look of the Uniforia colourway. With red and yellow paint swathes that almost reminds me of fire, it makes sense that the Predator still gets the most aggressive colourway of a pack with softer colours.

If you love your football boots aggressive with grip for days, the adidas Predator is just the football boot for you. It’s easily one of the most popular boots available and for good reason – it just looks badass.

Copa 20+

adidas uniforia pack football boots soccer cleats - copa 20

My favourite silo of the bunch, the paint effects on the Copa look more like an artist’s splatter of yellow, black and green paint all across the sides and soleplate. The detail I like most are the purple tints on the three stripes that just pop so well against the lighter colours of the Copa.

Leather lovers, the Copa is one of the most comfortable boots of all time. The leather is pillowy and plush without compromising on fit and touch. Above all, it’s one of my go-to boots in my boot rotation.

Nemeziz 19+

adidas uniforia pack football boots soccer cleats - nemeziz 19

The Nemeziz carries a similar colour palette to the Copa with yellow brushes all across the boot but with royal blue alongside. That eye-catching yellow makes its way to the soleplate to make your feet visible from any part of the field.

A boot made for the twinkle toed player that is all about manoeuvrability. Expect a barefoot touch for those mazy dribbles though we also think the Nemeziz could make a damn fine boot for the box-to-box midfielder.


adidas uniforia pack football boots soccer cleats - x19

One of the more popular speed boots in recent years, the trusty X19 gets a coat of lively shock pink around the toebox and it gradually transitions to a clean white base as it moves up towards the heel. I’m loving the pink splash on the forefoot area of the soleplate that gives the X the impression of speed.

I think the X19 is quite an underrated speed boot and deserves more love for its accomodating fit and soft upper while still being light on your feet. Speed boots don’t usually accomodate wide feet but this one does and exceeds expectactions.

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