Olympique De Marseille Home Kit: 2019/20

A tribute to 120 years of proud footballing tradition and the city of Marseille.

Puma’s gotten a lot of stick for their jerseys (see: Arsenal) but this is one of their best yet. The Olympique De Marseille home kit is a classy number that commemorates the club’s 120 year anniversary.

To the naked eye, it’s just a white top with subtle light blue stripes. But take a closer look, and you’ll notice that the stripes are made up of the words ” Olympique De Marseille”.

A blue cross on a white insert on the back of the neck represents the city of Marseille’s flag, which, starting in the middle ages, became the internationally recognized symbol of the Mediterranean port city.

Let’s hope that Balotelli and co. will do this kit proud in the upcoming season.

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