Sneak Peek: Mizuno Morelia UL Japan

Mizuno recently celebrated the 35th anniversary of the Morelia series and the boot has since gone through a myriad of updates through the years. However, the one thing that was missing from the Morelia line was a limited edition colourway.

The 30th anniversary year gave us the Japan Blue colourway which was first worn by Hiroki Morishima at the 2002 World Cup in Japan/Korea. That year also saw the release of a super limited gold Morelia which only produced 30 pairs worldwide – a highly sought after boot. It now seems that finally, Mizuno will give us want everyone wants – the return of a gold Mizuno Morelia UL made in Japan.

The Mizuno Morelia UL was a model that Mizuno had made for years – an UltraLight model of the comfortable and plush Mizuno Morelia series. Today, the Morelia models are lighter but the weightier, original model is still somewhat popular in Japan. Bringing this Mizuno Morelia UL back, and in a limited gold colour, will excite a lot of people, us included.

Expect interesting changes in this new Mizuno Morelia UL Japan. Rumour has it that the boot will not be 100% kangaroo leather. The forefoot still carry the excellent kangaroo leather Mizuno is known for using but the midfoot will be the synthetic BareFoot leather that we now see in the Mizuno Morelia Neo 3. This will help the boot’s mid-foot from overstretching though given how soft this synthetic BareFoot leather feels, expect the Mizuno Morelia UL to still feel like a premium product.

Another big change is its availability. Expect more units to be sold this time around which is great for collectors. Since the gold colourway has only be released once before, this is a must have for those who missed out on the last exclusive sale of this boot.

What do you think of the Mizuno Morelia UL? Please let us know in the comments below!

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