Umbro UX Accuro 3 Review: One of the the worst fitting boots

Umbro UX Accuro 3 Pro
out of 10
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A boot we really wanted to love, but couldn’t.

I’ve always loved a good power boot. From the swerve zones on the classic adidas Predator to one of my all-time favs, the Puma evoPower 1, I’m a major sucker for boots that promise to enhance my game. However, power boots have been phased out as a concept but I was really glad that Umbro kept it alive with their UX Accuro series.

The first generation UX Accuro was a beauty with its touch control pods on the forefoot and the Poron instep for cushioning. The second generation, however, was an abomination with its pimply design. This was why I was really excited when I got my hands on a pair of the latest generation Umbro UX Accuro 3 Pro which immediately consigned the Accuro 2 to the bin. Like a kid on Christmas day, I took it out of the shoebox immediately upon arrival and tried to put it on but there was a massive problem.

The boots were freakishly long and narrow and it would not fit me, or any other player I knew.

The UX Accuro 3 Pro doesn’t fit!

So here we have a first on – a boot review where we don’t actually play in the boots. And it’s all because the boots don’t fit. You may think this is an exaggeration but it’s not. I wear a size US 9.5 and I would consider my feet to be of regular width and length. The Umbro UX Accuro 3 was extremely narrow to the point where it was uncomfortable and constricted blood flow to my feet. Shockingly, they overcompensated by providing too much space in the toebox. I’m talking about an approximate 2cm of space right at the top.

There was no way I could have played in these and I reckon that 95% of footballers out there would have an issue with the size and the cut of the boots. This was a major shame because I liked what I saw with the Accuro.

An elegant power boot

Moving away from the fit, I thought that the boot’s construction was quite impressive. The UX Accuro 3 was primarily made from a soft knitted material that formed most of the entire upper’s base. You got soft synthetic suede that lined the heel area for a plush and luxurious feel.

As with most power boots, it’s all about the pads and strike zones and the UX Accuro 3 is no exception. This boot seems like the direct descendant of the first generation Accuro as we see a return of the ribbed upper around the forefoot and the soft padded instep. The ribbed upper is pretty soft, almost like silicone, and that’s designed to help with a dampened touch. It also includes “Memory Flex” technology which gives you room to stretch when you’ve locked down your feet to strike through your laces.

The boots were freakishly long and narrow and it would not fit me, or any other player I knew.

We see the inclusion of an external heel counter and, more importantly, the “S curve” tab at the back of your Achilles tendon to aid in a comfortable ride. I absolutely adore the soleplate as well that comes in an exquisitely premium matte finish. The rounded studs are also surprisingly short for an FG boot and I would have loved to give it a whirl on an AG surface to see how it would have held up in regards to stud pressure.

All these came together to provide a boot that is surprisingly light in hand. Power boots are notorious for carrying some heft and weight though this came in at approximately 200g, even beating some speed boots out there. It’s all reminiscent of the Puma evoPower 1 but packaged in a more elegant and modern build.

A missed opportunity

It’s unfortunate that this review was cut short due to how ridiculous the fit was for the UX Accuro 3. I believe this would have been an excellent boot for those who pine for the good old days of the power boot but have gotten used to a modern knitted feel. I’m sorry I couldn’t put this on for review but I’m glad that I’m able to sound the warning to any potential buyers.

If you’ve got freakishly long and slim feet, you’ve found the niche boot that you’ve been searching for your whole life. But if you’re the other 95%, it’s time to look elsewhere for your boot fix.

Umbro UX Accuro 3 Pro
Final Thoughts
A boot that is too long and narrow which would not fit most players.
The Good
Soft upper
Plush knitted construction
Premium feel
The Bad
Too long
Too narrow
out of 10
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