Best Football Boots for Kids

Boots that fit the growing footballer, ages 3 and up.

It’s not easy buying football boots for kids. Kids are prone to demanding only the coolest and newest boots they see on screen and to make matters worse, they outgrow all their footwear within a year. It’s always a delicate balancing act between finding something your kid will like and something that is cost effective. We’ve got your covered with these pairs of football boots that your kids will love that won’t break the bank.

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adidas Copa 19.3 JR FG

The adidas Copa 19.3 JR FG is a great introductory boot to younger players. It features a pretty plush setup with a supremely soft synthetic suede heel lining, thick padding around the heel and a cushion-like leather upper. All ingredients make for a comfortable entry-level boot but will also protect your child’s feet if he/she has been the victim of one too many tramples during their Sunday practice.

I do like the matte finish on the soleplate which adds a premium vibe with a stud pattern lifted from big brother, Copa 19.1. All for an affordable $80 and even less for on specific colourways.

adidas X19.3 TF J

If you’re afraid that long studs may cause discomfort or affect the feet of your growing child, you might want to go with a “turf” variation instead which features shorter studs to alleviate any stud pressure.

In this case, we’ve got the adidas X19.3 with a turf soleplate. It does one better than the top grade X19.1 by having a tongue that actually stretches enough for your kid to slide their feet in easily. Like the Copa above, it comes with a soft suede lining and ample cushioning in the heel. You can really feel the knitted ribbed construct on the upper which doesn’t come off as too plasticky while keeping to its speed boot aesthetic.

Nike Junior Vapor 12 Club MG

The Mercurial Vapor series has proven to be exceptionally popular and I won’t be surprised if every kid wants to wear the some pair of boots donned by Cristiano Ronaldo.

The Junior Vapor 12 Club features all the hallmarks of the famed Vapor series – lightweight, bright colours, a thin upper. The MG (multi-ground) soleplate is akin to the regular “AG” soleplate which sees conical studs in place of some blades ones that makes it more comfortable playing on hard artificial ground.

It’s definitely popular and you can get a pair from $52 with the “sock” variant selling from $84 – the latter a surefire hit with wide-eyed CR7 fans.

adidas Predator 19.3 TF J

For the aspiring Pogba fanatic, I’m sure they have eyes on the adidas Predator. Surprisingly, it does stray far away from its top grade variant as it’s doesn’t feel nowhere near as sock-like and comfortable to the touch.

There’s minimal padding in the heel area but it makes up for it with a relatively thin matte plastic upper while keeping the iconic ridged design intact. My favourite part of the boot is the turf soleplate which contains over a hundred small ball shaped studs that spread itself across the entire base – greatly reducing any stud pressure on those growing feet.

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