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Zeey Zeey

Eight years locked in Mercurials, one year adrift in Premiers, and currently laced up in Morelia Neos.

Best Football Boots for Comfort

Whether you're a professional player or simply a weekend warrior, having a comfortable pair of boots is crucial to the enjoyment of your game. With...

Nike Premier 3.0 Review: The best entry-level leather boot

Low tech, high performance Since the introduction of synthetic and knitted uppers, leather doesn't seem to have the same appeal towards the younger generations of...

What Football Boots is Neymar Wearing? – Boot History

A look into Neymar’s boot bag over the course of his career. Given the multiple headlines he has made over the years, Neymar da Silva...

Best Football Boots for Kids

Boots that fit the growing footballer, ages 3 and up. It's not easy buying football boots for kids. Kids are prone to demanding only the...

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