Puma FTBL Cup 2019

Only the truly skilful were on show at Puma’s first football tournament in Singapore.

Who said football was all about winning games? The big cat put that saying to the test by also making sure that winners had to have the best tekkers in the game at the Puma FTBL Cup 2019.

BOOTHYPE was at the Home United Football Academy to watch teams take each other on in a 5-a-side round robin competition. The twist? The teams were also required to earn points by participating in challenges where they tested their skills in free kicks, shooting, juggling and more.

Winners were entitled to US$1200 worth of Puma gear and the MVP took home a 1 year boot deal. Coupled with a footwear trial station, we were sure that everyone had a good time with the big cat during the weekend at the Puma FTBL Cup.

Were you at the Puma FTBL Cup? Tell us about your experience in the comments below.

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