“I won over $100k at FIFA tournaments.”

Team Flash’s FIFA players on a pro career, parental support and more.

Many of us loved playing video games growing up and dreamt of playing games for a living. It was never a sustainable career path back then and were constantly reminded on this by our parents who wanted us to get “decent jobs”.

However, e-Sports has come a long way in the last few years. We managed to catch up with Amraan and Joseph from Team Flash who have been trailblazers in the FIFA scene within the region – earning thousands in the process and proving parents wrong.

BOOTHYPE: How did you guys get started with videogames.

Amraan: I’ve been playing since 6-7 years old and it’s very common culture in my family. I mostly played football related videos with my brothers. At that time Pro Evolution Soccer (PES) was the popular game and at time I thought I was good as I could win them.

Joseph: I started when I was in kindergarten, when I owned a Playstation 1. At that time, I didn’t really like soccer but my relatives, my dad, they all loved them. We gathered every week to watch the EPL and I slowly came to like the sport.

Gaming champions.

BOOTHYPE: At which point did you think that you could play videogames on a competitive level?

Joseph: The first time I entered into a tournament was in 2009 for FIFA Online 2. I wanted to buy a player within the game but I was only about 16 years old and I didn’t have a credit card to transfer money or buy credits in the game. The only way was for me to trade it with him, meet him in person and pass him cash – at a tournament venue.

Just for fun, I signed up for that very tournament. It was hard but I kept taking part in tournaments after and just kept trying my hand at it. It was also within 2009 that I represented Singapore in a tournament.

Amraan: When I was in primary school, I realized I was better than my brothers and friends at videogames. In my polytechnic days, I took part in small competition at shopping malls. I won at some of these competitions and I took the next step in 2016.

It was a FIFA Online tournament and I won the qualifiers, representing Singapore.

BOOTHYPE: What are some challenges you met in the journey to turning pro?

Amraan: My parents were always supportive. They nag sometimes but for the most part, they allowed me to play videogames. They’ll be ok with me playing until 3am. They became even more supportive when they saw me representing Singapore. My parents encouraged me to train.

I’m doing a full time degree now. If I’m going for a week-long tournament, I skip school. I do inform my lecturers and they’re ok with it.

Joseph and Amraan takes us through the paces for a training session.

Joseph: There has been a lot of sacrifices made. Back in school, I’d head straight home after class to play and I spent most of my pocket money on buying new players for my FIFA Online team. I didn’t go out with my friends. After school, I’d spend several hours playing. During weekends, it was way more. I sacrificed my social life for FIFA.

My other issue was with my parents. They’re traditional – they want you to study well, get good grades, secure an office job etc. My dad has come to terms with this. My mom, not so much but I don’t think she can be bothered to worry about my path any more.

Maybe it was my international trips for tournaments which meant that I could be independent and earn money for myself. I don’t think she had a say in my decisions after that. My mom does show support in small ways now like fetching me from the airport after I return from a tournament.

BOOTHYPE: Do you see a long career in FIFA?

Amraan: I’m studying maritime studies and I’d like to make that my career. FIFA is like a part-time thing for me, like a hobby.

BOOTHYPE: What’s a typical day like for a pro-gamer like you?

Amraan: After I return from school in the evening, I’ll commit 2-3 hours to training. It’s 4-5 hours per day during the weekends. I don’t train during my exam periods though. If there’s a tournament, I’ll start putting in more hours a month away from the competition. Probably 6-8 hours a day, even on a school day.

I usually just play online against other ranked opponents – possibly 5 in a row before I take breaks in between.

Joseph: I play on FIFA 19’s “Weekend League” from Friday until Monday. It allows me to practice while earning coins and cards for my Ultimate Team set up. Monday and Tuesdays are rest days. I play other ranked division games from Wednesday to Friday to play against other players of my level.

BOOTHYPE: I was told you guys have to work out to improve your performance?

Joseph: Well, I’m obliged to go for my military IPPT (Individual Physical Proficiency Test) so I have to keep relatively fit. I make sure I run quite a bit but Team Flash hasn’t set any strict training programs yet.

I think the plan was to have our facility set up here (at Singapore Sports Hub) to live like true professionals. Possibly, we could go for runs after 10 games straight just to help you regain your focus. I think e-Sports is getting closer to the more traditional physical sports so things like nutrition, sleep and fitness will play a part in your performance.

I used to play until 4am. That means I woke up late in the afternoon. My sleeping pattern changed and so did my diet. It messed up my body. I learnt a lot of these basics and have been working harder on those fronts for better performance.

Amraan: I jog 2-3 times a week. Some days I play football with friends. That’s how I keep myself fit and focused. As gamers, we sit for long hours and you can end up feeling restless and lethargic.

After exercise, you come back feeling more focused and feel like you can play better.


BOOTHYPE: Tell us about your biggest tournament win.

Amraan: It was for FIFA Online 3 and 4 Tournament Cup in April and November 2018 respectively. I won $108,000 for the former and $100,000 for the latter – each was split three ways within our team.

BOOTHYPE: Is there a football team you support and do you have any jerseys that you’re fond of?

Joseph: I’ve been a Chelsea fan from young and I loved the jersey from the 2003/04 season. It was so clean and simple with the “Fly Emirates” logo. I also loved Dennis Wise. He wasn’t the best player but he was a true captain. Jimmy Floyd Hasselbaink was a favourite too as he scored a lot of goals.

Amraan: I’ve been a Liverpool fan since I can remember. I loved Michael Owen growing up but it was Suarez who made me fall in love with football. I like this season’s home jersey. It’s classy and simple.

BOOTHYPE: If you were not a pro-gamer, what would you be doing with your life?

Amraan: I guess a maritime career would be my focus.

Joseph: I don’t really know. Maybe study really hard and see where it takes me.

Special thanks to Team Flash for arranging this interview. To keep up to date with all things Team Flash, visit their website here.

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