Marvel x FBT Collection

Assemble your own squad with the official Avengers football jerseys.

The hype is real and we’re in anticipation to watch Earth’s Mightiest Heroes take on Thanos, again. Will everyone survive this time? How will they defeat Thanos? And how far in to the movie will it be until Spider-Man gets revived? I mean, he has a sequel coming out in the summer, no?

However way you’re anticipating the next Marvel movie, you can now show your love for your favourite characters in Marvel inspired football jerseys by the good people of FBT.

Which side are you on?

Known in South East Asia for their running apparel, FBT stepped it up so that you can play your football in style, or at least be fashionable enough on your next visit to enjoy a shawarma.

View more below to see which Marvel character jersey would suit best for each teammate on your current First XI. You can purchase your Marvel x FBT jersey from Premier Football, while stocks last.

The Incredible Hulk

Perfect for: That hot-headed central defender

The defender who is an immovable object. Strikers fear him, dribblers bounce off him. The powerhouse that anchors the team definitely deserves a gamma inspired jersey.

Refs, avoid awarding a penalty against someone in this green jersey. You might not want to see him angry…


Perfect for: That wing wizard

There’s always that young kid in the team. Usually a cousin of one of the teammates who was invited to fill in for an injured regular. Before you know it, this mild-mannered diminutive kid is jinking past defenders twice his size down the wing.

He’s all agility and speed, and deceptively strong too. But all he wants, despite his natural gifts for the game, is just to be part of the team. If you know someone like him, this jersey might be just reward for his scintillating performance alone.


Perfect for: The free kick specialist

Like Thor’s magic hammer, Mjolnir, this jersey is perfect for that player who can pick their target no matter how impossible the angle seems. And if he can’t get the ball up and over the wall, defenders might want to get out of the way when he smashes it right through his laces.

Black Panther

Perfect for: The defensive midfielder

A quiet and understated leader, the “DM” does a little bit of everything for the team. He’s always competent in a scrap though he doesn’t always go looking for it.

He’s also seems to always be sporting an invisibility shield as you’ll never notice him on the pitch until it’s too late – robbing you of the ball right under your nose from out of nowhere.

Captain America

Perfect for: The team captain

For the one whom you look to on the field for inspiration, the first to arrive for training and the last to leave. The toughest but fairest tackler on the pitch who rarely puts a foot wrong in the entire 90 and seems to have an extra set of lungs as the game heads into extra time.

Just conceded a goal? You’ll be sure this player will be the first to avenge the goal and turn that deficit into a win.

Iron Man

Perfect for: The No 10. aka the team diva

Always late for the game and takes his time to get dressed for kick off. He’s often decked out in the latest boots and isn’t shy to show them off in the locker room.

Hardly puts a shift in defence but his laser guided passes provide your team with the X-factor to create chances out of nothing. Scores plenty of match winners, and loves reminding the team about them.

Special thanks to the good people of Premier Football for sharing these really awesome jerseys with us. Get them here or follow us on Instagram as we’re giving away some of these Marvel x FBT jerseys in April as we lead up to the launch of Avengers: Endgame.

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