“The doubters who thought he wasn’t capable of doing a job are eating their words now.”

Yorke and Sheringham on Solksjaer, Mourinho and White Hart Lane.

BOOTHYPE sat with the Manchester United and Spurs legends, Dwight Yorke and Teddy Sheringham in Singapore where we discussed ex-teammates, new stadiums and more.

How well has your ex-teammate, Ole Gunnar Solksjaer, been doing as a manager at Manchester United?
Dwight Yorke:
He’s done a remarkable job, better than most people would have thought. He got the team our identity back in terms of how we play and win football matches.

How do you think he’ll lead his first pre-season as Manchester United manager?
Often enough you go back on your experience. I’m sure he will probably do that. Having been with the club (United) for so long, he’s got an insight as an ex-player and manager. And he’ll also get all the help and guidance he’s requested.

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Dwight, when you played with Ole, did you see any signs that he’ll be the manager he is today?
I don’t think we saw it. He’s one of the nicest guys you’ll ever meet in football. No drama, gets on with his job and he’s totally professional. I’ve seen him interact with younger kids and bring them through and he did well at Molde.

Like every thing else you need a bit of luck and he got that. He grasped his once in a lifetime opportunity. Having said that, he’s done a remarkable job. The doubters who thought he wasn’t capable of doing a job are eating their words now.

He’s looking good and he’s going the players playing with passion and desire that you expect of a Man United player.

As ex-strikers yourself, how do you find the current United forwards doing now under Solksjaer?
I always think we have exceptional young players. Those players were not always given a license to express themselves. Those front 4 are as good as any in the Premier League. They’re now expressing themselves and exposing their talent and I hope they continue to do so under Ole going forward.

Teddy, you recently mentioned that only trophies will keep Harry Kane at Spurs though the new stadium would help. Should the trophy-less run continue, how many more seasons do you think the stadium will buy for Kane?
Teddy Sheringham:
He’s a footballer on the way up. He wants to get to the top and I’ve stated that if that doesn’t happen at Tottenham, he might want to leave to go somewhere to win trophies. But, the club is on the up. It’s very different when I left Tottenham. I felt that the club didn’t have the right ambition (at that time) and I wanted to play with good players.

I don’t think that’s the case with Harry. He’s got a fantastic manager that loves him and he’s moving to a new stadium with the crowd behind him. Everything’s on the up. He’s playing the best football of his career, and will get better. There’s no reason for him to go anywhere else but to stay at Tottenham Hotspur.

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Are there any risks moving to the new juncture of the season, considering that the team is still in the race for Top 4 and are in the Champions League?
It could be. It could take Tottenham a bit of time to bed into their new stadium. Being in these crucial games at the end of the season, that’s when the top clubs come to the fore. Yes, it might be a distraction.

It will be a good thing for others to come to the new stadium. It’ll be like cup finals (for them). There are games against Huddersfield and Cardiff that some might deem as “easier games” that you want to take 3 points but they’ll be excited and want to show what they can do.

It’s tough but it’s something we have to handle.

Jose made a recent comment at Pochettino saying “What’s the point of philosophy if you don’t win trophies?” How would you judge Pochettino’s tenure at Spurs?
Mourinho’s very good at getting the stats and getting them to work in his favour, isn’t he? We’re not there yet but we’re a growing club and Pochettino’s demanding that he grows. The supporters understand that.

Yes, the next level is to win something. (Pochettino) knows that and that’s where the club is heading.

This interview was recorded as part of a group interview during the announcement of the International Champions Cup Singapore 2019. For full details of the friendly matches in July, visit:https://www.internationalchampionscup.com

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