“In whatever league, whether it’s the domestic game or Champions League, the team has to focus.”

Italian legends Francesco Toldo and Fabrizio Ravanelli on the Champions League, Icardi’s captaincy and more.

Two legends of the Italian game, Francesco Toldo and Fabrizio Ravanelli of Inter Milan and Juventus, sat down with us guys from BOOTHYPE to discuss their team’s challenges for the season.

How confident are you of Juventus winning the Champions League this season?
Fabrizio Ravanelli:
We are confident and are well aware of the fact that we can make it to the final. However, there are many small factors that may be unpredictable. There is self-confidence but we can’t say for sure that victory is assured.

Andrea Pirlo recently said that of all the current finalists of the Champions League, Barcelona and Manchester City are better than Juventus. Do you agree?
It’s best to wait before expressing judgement on the performance of a team. I believe that those two teams are favourites but there are other big teams like Liverpool and Juventus as well. There are so many details that might not be predictable, that it’ll be hard to say if they’re the best.

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Juventus are leading the league table by many points. Do you think it will be an advantage for them in the Champions League as they can rest key players during the domestic games?
This 15 points they have ahead of their nearest league rivals might be perceived as an advantage but can also be a disadvantage if people lose their focus. In whatever league, whether it’s the domestic game or Champions League, the team has to focus.

Inter Milan striker, Mauro Icardi, has been stripped of his captaincy and has been left out of the squad. Do you think this is the end of his time at Inter Milan?
Francesco Toldo:
Icardi is not an issue for Inter Milan. Even if it was due to some tensions, in relations to a set of rules in place (at the club). We expect everyone, from the warehouse keeper to the players to respect the rules.

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Thoughts on Moise Kean and the young generation of Italian talents?
Since Mancini returned to (coach the Italian team), we have seen an improvement on the football association level. The goal is to increase the level of football in the young players who, for the very first time, have the opportunity to play for the national team.

It’s a bit of a surprise but also confirmation of the trend that has been set and the direction that Italy have been working towards.

FT: I didn’t see the match but I watched the highlights. What I noticed was that the configuration of the team’s players was reflective of Mancini’s strategy. Lots of strikers in the opposition area and the victory is the reflection of Mancini’s contribution to the team.

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