First Impressions: adidas Copa 19

adidas finally removes laces on the Copa silo

There was a time when adidas had 4 full silos which were given full attention. However, after their reboot of 2015, their classic leather silo went by the wayside to focus on the X and Ace lines. The leather silo returned in 2017 with the Copa 17.1 but it has since been given the treatment akin to an unwanted step-child.

The Copa never had any on-field presence with players pushed to promote the Nemeziz, X and Predator silos instead. Off-pitch marketing was rather similar as well despite a genuine demand for the less flashy but still modern leather boot. This allowed the Nike Tiempo range to reign supreme in this category. The images have been circulating the internet for a bit but we finally have the latest adidas Copa released.

Taking the modern leather boot category seriously

It’s good that adidas is taking this category seriously after establishing the other 3 silos for the past 3-4 years. While demand for leather has dipped, there is still a decent market for it as Nike have shown. It may not be the biggest moneymaker but there’s still life in it if you add some modern updates to the boot.

adidas Copa 19
The adidas Copa 19 is a big statement of intent

With the Copa 18.1, adidas played it safe in developing a decent boot but had little marketing appeal. Much of adidas’ moves in the past few years have been the result of putting savvy marketing as the top priority and the latest Copa 19 looks to be a product of it. adidas is all in.

Why a laceless leather boot?

It seems like marketing is also playing a part here. Many who are the target audience for the Copa range would not want their boots laceless due to its reputation for a poor lockdown and fit, which is the biggest draw of most leather boots out there. However, I can’t blame adidas as there will always be those who are drawn to the laceless gimmick which allows for bigger revenue. Besides, there’s always a laced option so adidas can always point to that.

adidas Copa 19
Is laceless always better?

The good news is that adidas has been progressively improving the fit of their boots and with a soft leather upper, this might be the best iteration of their laceless range yet.

Is the Copa spirit still intact?

With the Copa 17 and 18, the three stripes wanted to push for a boot that embodies the spirit of the classic Copa Mundial – a reliable leather boot with has old school charm. I hated the tongue on the 17 but I’ve come to grow fond of the tongue on the Copa 18, no matter how silly it looks.

The Copa 19 totally obliterates any of the old school vibe for a boot that looks at home in the USS Enterprise. It’s taken a leaf out of the Tiempo’s book by infusing it with their own knit tech (Primeknit) to offer a better fit and reduce weight. The Copa 19 looks to have a thickly padded upper and I hope that it isn’t any more padded than the Copa 18.1. I like the padded sensation but not too much as it may lead to a dull touch on the ball (I’m looking at you, Nemeziz 18.1). adidas also added a cushion in the insole for the heel which is a nice touch. That’s where I’d like my padding.

adidas Copa 19
Forget the past, this is a boot from the future.

The soleplate also looks to have moved on slightly with a mix of conical and semi-bladed studs in the form of semi-circles which tries to achieve a good blend of grip and maneuverability.

Glad to have an adidas leather boot back

The new Copa 19 looks like it’s ready to shed its old school charm and take players into the future. I’m personally glad that adidas is taking this seriously and we’re keen to see what they do in this reinvigorated silo. It looks modern and sleek.

adidas Copa 19
Moving into ’19 with a bang.

What we’re really impressed with is that all of the adidas boots from the ’18 generation that we have reviewed have surpassed expectations. Let’s hope the three stripes carry on that trend into ’19.

Review to come soon.

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