Adidas launches new Nemeziz 18+ 360 Agility

Electric orange for the high octane player.Adidas is cranking up the heat for this summer’s World Cup extravaganza with some bright hot colourways for their latest boots and updates to the X and Nemeziz lines. Here, we explore the new Nemeziz 18+ 360 Agility.

Energy Mode Adidas Nemeziz 18+ 360 Agility

The newest update to the Nemeziz has gone under the radar, most possibly due to the major launch of the X18+. Adidas has not made many major tweaks to the Nemeziz, unlike the X18+ but there has been some interesting changes to the latest line of agility focused boots.

Built for the flair player who channels his inner Mr Fantastic on the pitch, the Nemeziz will now feature a softer touch while keeping its lightweight feel – all with the use of Agilityknit 2.0. While the pattern of the interweaving yarn looks similar to the 17+, we hope that the new boots will have a shorter break in time as the 17+ was pretty stiff for a boot that proposed the idea of “agility”.

Energy Mode Adidas Nemeziz 18+ 360 Agility
Collars to support changes in direction

The most eye catching change has been the raised collar on the lateral side of the boot while keeping the sharp V-shaped design on the inside of the ankle. This is said to support the player’s quick changes in direction and sudden cuts though we’re not that big a fan of the high collar design.

Same Old Brand New Messi

Lionel Messi in his Energy Mode Adidas Nemeziz 17+

The Adidas poster boy always gets what he wants, even if that means making drastic changes to the boot from the final commercial stock version. From having a leather upper for the F50 adizeros to the custom burrito tongue on his personal Nemeziz 17+, Messi is now foregoing the new gen 18+ for the 18.1 which shows that you don’t always need the latest innovations to have the best game. Sometimes, old school works as well.

Energy Mode Nemeziz 18+ 360 Agility is also available in Cage and Street versions and can be purchased at

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