Sokito Devista Review: Light on the feet AND the conscience

What Sokito says about this boot: An eco-friendly all-around leather boot 

Boot style: Traditional Leather

Weight: 214g (7.5oz) for a size US 9.5

Companies have become increasingly environmentally-conscious when designing football boots, using recycled or vegan materials to aim towards a more sustainable output, but there’s one company that lives by these values from the ground up, and that’s UK-based Sokito. They’re doing things differently than the rest by incorporating sustainability principles in their entire production process, starting with their first boot: the Sokito Devista. 

Game-changing boot production

Everything from the leather to the laces to even the threads have been meticulously reverse-engineered to ensure that sustainability is optimised for the Sokito Devista.

Amidst the tech gimmicks prevalent in today’s leather boots, the Devista takes a refreshing approach by keeping things simple. 

However, do not let its unassuming build deceive you, for within its minimalist design lie surprising attributes that make it a standout in the world of eco-friendly football footwear. Recycled materials like bottles (interior lining, thread), polyester (insole lining, laces), carpet (midfoot upper), beans (soleplate) and more. They even use recycled aluminium for their SG variant, and take pride in keeping tabs of the sustainable materials used. 

Starting with one of my favourite parts of the boot, the Sokito Devista has an eco-suede liner that is plush and soft to the touch. Using 85% recycled polyester sourced from plastic bottles, it’s both grippy and comfortable, even when I wasn’t using my grip socks. 

This lining also covers the top of the eco-foam insole, which is surprisingly a good level of firmness and has some moderate arch support (I’m forever grateful for this) on the instep. Compared to modern-day insoles, this one definitely has more cushion and really emphasises Sokito’s focus on comfort. 

At £150, it’s more expensive than its counterparts the Nike Premier and the Adidas Copa Gloro, but you can rest assured that you’re getting one of the most sustainable boots available. So much so that even UEFA has recognized Sokito’s efforts in sustainability, including a recycle-boots program.

The Sokito Devista is the most eco-friendly leather boot on the market

The leather at the front feels padded and is stitched in a similar way to the Tiempo Legend 3, where the multiple overlays prevent overstretching of the leather. 

Unlike the Vegan alternative, this boot uses K-leather in the forefoot as a bi-product of the Australian government’s effort to control kangaroo population growth. Even the scrap leather from producing the boots is recycled into fertiliser. The toe box leather provides a cushioned, pillowy touch, more than your everyday “modern” leather boot, and extends back almost towards the midfoot area, providing ample leather coverage. 

The upper of the rest of the boot is made from a vegan upper created from recycled carpet, and to be honest, you can’t tell between the vegan and the K-leather uppers. The midfoot leather is definitely smoother while the forefoot K-leather is grainier, which I believe helps with the stretching of the boot. 

The vamp slopes down very low at the front of the boot, and I know leather boots are meant to fit snug, but trying on my usual 8 UK/9 US felt like my toes were being compressed down too much, and for that, I would recommend going a half-size up. 

Considering this is a leather boot, it’s actually quite light. In comparison to the Nike Premier, the closest comparison to the Devista, the former weighs 235g (8.29oz), while the latter comes in at a lightweight 214g (7.58oz) for a US9.

All-around performer with a focus on comfort

As a mobile centre-back, I prioritise comfort and fit above all. Taking these out to training with a friend, I knew that I would get both of the above in spades, but I was excited to see how much. 

In the past, I’ve used Nike CTRs, Magista Obras, a range of adidas Predators, Puma Kings, and my current rotation includes two Puma Future Zs, so all are aligned with aforementioned priorities. 

Once I slipped on the Sokito Devistas, it only took a few minutes before I felt them moulding to my foot, and by the end of training, they had a 1-to-1 glove fit. It wasn’t a barefoot feel but the Devista felt more like a part of my foot instead of an extension of it.

I could ping long balls as well as facilitate on-ground distribution with a clean touch, and there is definitely something nice about having a clean connection with the ball without any rubber fins or knits. Call me old fashioned! 

There’s good lockdown along the midfoot, with off-centred lacing opening up a larger surface on the instep for a cleaner touch. Passing and receiving the ball was a breeze, as I could feel a cushioning on the instep, and also felt comfortable fizzing a long ground pass.

One thing of note for me was the vamp toe issue. I normally like my toes to be right up to the front of the boot, but because of the steep drop in the vamp and going a half-size up, there was a bit of space at the front after the boot stretched out. Even knowing this, I would still stick to my half-up size as I like the comfort that the space gives me.

Light on the feet, light on the planet

The FG soleplate, made from castor beans, has moderate stiffness with a traditional layout of seven short, conical studs in the forefoot, and four in the heel. Even when pivoting hard, I didn’t feel any stud pressure due to the low profile of the stud pattern. 

The standout for me however, was my movement in the boot. Chasing down wingers and jockeying an incoming dribbler are strengths in my game, and the Devista was able to deliver big in these departments. 

The ground was damp but firm, so the short studs were able to dig in quite well. There was a decent amount of bite in the traction, but what I really enjoyed was being able to rotate and pivot with ease, as the studs released from the ground quite well. 

I felt a lot more comfortable jockeying with my training partner because I could shift my feet a lot easier with the shorter studs. I imagine on the baked summer pitches or AG, the same principles will apply, and the thick insole will deal well with the stud pressure. 

This design feels influenced by the rise of artificial pitches, and it gets our AG stamp of approval.

Sokito Devista: A classic feel, a modern twist, and a unique construction

Sokito has taken a bold stance against the other boot companies in making a product that’s not only efficient but also easy on Mother Earth. 

The Sokito Devista’s wow-factor doesn’t lie in any fancy technological advancements, but instead it’s in its production where Sokito has pushed the envelope on sustainability. 

That being said, the Devista is also a solid boot that can suit many players’ needs: a lightweight, comfortable leather boot that has minimal impact on the planet? Light on the feet AND the conscience.

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Sokito Devista
Sokito Devista Review: Light on the feet AND the conscience
Who is this for?
The Sokito Devista is made for the eco-friendly leather boot enthusiast.
Upper padding (1 for thin, 10 for thick)
Width (1 for slim, 10 for wide)
Value for Money (1 for less value, 10 for great value)
Stud Traction (1 for slippery, 10 for grippy)
Lockdown (1 for loose, 10 for secure)
Sole Rigidity (1 for natural, 10 for responsive)
Reader Rating2 Votes
The Good
Comfortable, streamlined upper
Environmentally conscious production
Minimalist, no-fuss design
Lightweight for a leather boot
AG-friendly soleplate
The Bad
Pricey for what it is
Very low toe vamp
out of 10
Buy the Sokito Devista below
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  1. Agree on the sizing , definitely small to size will need to up size 1/2 to 1 full size in my opinion and definitely snug fitting across instep …yet to try them on the pitch , but fully looking forward to putting them to work


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