Best Football Boots for Narrow Feet

Slim pickings for narrow feet? Not quite.

Article updated as of 19 March 2023

If there’s one interesting yet subtle shift in the football boot industry that has gone almost entirely un-noticed, it’s that football boots in general have been getting wider, or at least more accommodating. Almost all modern boots would fit most moderate to wide footed players fairly comfortably. Even speed boots, which typically skew more narrow to give a sleeker and speedier look, trend towards a more forgiving fit these days.

This also means that if you’re one of those with “Mercurial feet” (i.e a nickname we used to give our blessed slim footed friends who could wear the Mercurial Vapor 3 true to size), you could find yourself having a little too much space in most boots on the market today. Fret not, your friendly bootheads are here to share our top football boots best suited for players with narrow feet.

Puma Ultra Ultimate

Having established a slimmer and structured fit ever since the Puma Ultra 1.3, the Puma Ultra Ultimate follows pretty much the same rules. The current version however features a knit upper construction as opposed to synthetic uppers found on the past two versions (Puma Ultra 1.3 & 1.4), resulting in the boot feeling softer and delivering a more tailored fit for players.

Knit uppers have always been one of our favourites because when developed correctly, it offers a physics-defying combination of an accommodating fit while keeping you locked in and secure.

Mizuno Morelia Neo 3 Japan

While the Japanese brand has two versions of the Morelia Neo 3, we’ve gone for the Mizuno Morelia Neo 3 Japan for a simple reason, a two-piece upper means a better wrap around your foot. Do go half or even a full size down from your normal fit though, as the Morelia Neo 3 Japan has a roomier toebox.

Performance wise, the Morelia Neo 3 Japan is arguably the most comfortable speed boot on the market today, thanks to its super soft k-leather upper that moulds to your feet in no time, whilst providing a nicely balanced touch. Don’t let the conical studs fool you, the tooling provides excellent grip on both FG and AG, giving a nice bite when pushing off for a goal scoring sprint.

adidas Copa Sense.1

At first glance, the adidas Copa Sense.1 might seem like an unorthodox pick, but hear us out. While the shape of the boot isn’t particularly wide, its two-piece construction allows you to better tighten the boot for a more snug fit. The Sense pods also help to remove excess space within the boot, making for an even tighter wrap – perfect for narrow footed players.

On feet, the Copa Sense.1 has a sturdy and well-built, almost tank-ish sort of feel while the Sense pods add a dampened feel on the ball to give you that extra bit of control when controlling those harder hit passes.

Nike Mercurial Vapor 14

Arguably the silo that defined what a narrow fitting boot was during its inception, the Mercurial series has steadily gotten more accommodating over the years. The Nike Mercurial Vapor 14 has an average fit, but go down half a size and players with narrow feet should still get a fairly tight and locked in fit.

The Vapor 14 is our favourite Vapor from the last decade, mainly because of how comfortable that new Vaporposite upper is, whilst retaining all of the performance characteristics that we’ve come to associate with a Vapor. It still gives you a sharp touch on the ball, giving you the confidence to pull off the audacious on pitch, in a way only a Mercurial can.

Mizuno Alpha MiJ

Going true size with the Mizuno Alpha, most players with average feet would find that the boot runs long, hence we often recommend at least half a size down. While this eliminates extra spaces at the end of your toes, it may come at the expense of a tighter overall fit.

But for those with narrow feets, you’re just in luck for the perfect fit.

We hope you enjoyed our article on the Best Football Boots for Narrow Feet. Did we miss anything here? Let us know which football boots should make the list in the comments below.

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