Sneak Peek: Puma King Platinum SL 2

Following up from our previous peek at the upcoming Puma King Platinum Japan, we’ve received updates that the Puma King Platinum silo will indeed have a pretty comprehensive makeover, going from a more minimal and thin upper, to a more padded one. Today, we bring you what we’ve been reliably informed as the Puma King Platinum SL – a synthetic variant of the upcoming Puma King Platinum SL 2.

Swipe the images below to view the boot.

While our previous peek featured a Japan-only hard ground tooling, today’s photos gives us a good look at the revamped Puma King tooling for firm ground. Similar to the Puma One tooling used previously, the new King primarily uses conical studs. It is reminiscent of the old Puma EVOPower from 2014, with a stiffened spine, as well as what looks like a more flexible forefoot which, according to Puma in 2014, allowed for better downward flexing that helps produce a harder strike by allowing your foot to tip downwards when striking.

Upper wise, the Puma King Platinum SL 2 remains largely similar to our previous peek, with a more padded and comfortable looking upper, albeit adorned by synthetic instead of leather.

Would you wear this pair of boots when it launches? Let us know in the comment section below.

Photos provided by Tokyo Football.

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