Sneak Peek: Puma Future Z Neymar

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The Puma Future Z has left a good impression on us since it released. It isn’t the biggest game-changer but is a solid choice for players who love a boot with good lockdown. Design-wise, we do think that Puma is trying to be a little different and the Future line has helped the brand stand out. With the upcoming launch of the exclusive Puma Future Z Neymar colourways, the “Creativity” pack, we think it’ll help them stand out more.

Puma Future Z Neymar
Puma Future Z Neymar

Quite often, brands go a little too safe with their designs but with Neymar under the wing, you can see Puma really going all in with their aesthetics when promoting alongside one of their biggest sponsored players in recent years.

Much of this Neymar exclusive design uses a blue, pink and black combination to express creativity as waves of the colour crash into one another. The blue dominates the forefoot while the pink dominates most of the midfoot areas. The black accents and the black Puma cat logo stand out nicely from the colour clash you see across the boot.

The bright white “FUTURE” logo sticks out on the instep too, giving the boot a cyberpunk look with the colour clash.

One standout feature is that Z-shaped soleplate. In this exclusive colourway, Puma gives it a clear and see through look so that you can view the design of the underside of the boot. We absolutely love this and wish brands do this more often than having a wearable finish that gets scrapped and scarred from extensive play. We first saw this approach on the Puma Future Manchester “City Pack” which featured a bee motif on the underside of the boot with a transparent soleplate sealing it away from contact.

More of the same please, Puma.

What do you think about this Puma Future Z Neymar? Please let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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