Heskey: “Firmino doesn’t get enough credit”

Liverpool legend, Emile Heskey, shares his thoughts on a Liverpool’s season and more in this BOOTHYPE exclusive.

Emile Heskey was at, one time, Liverpool’s record transfer and he repaid their faith by helping them win a UEFA Cup, an FA Cup, 2 League Cups and a UEFA Super Cup title. The Liverpool legend was in Singapore to play in a Legends game against retired Singapore and Manchester United players. We spoke to him during a fan meet and greet about Liverpool, Leicester and Raheem Sterling.

BOOTHYPE: Liverpool looks to be in fine form in the league. Do you think this could be their year?
Emile Heskey:
Hopefully, fingers crossed. They’ve started off really well and have kept the momentum going. We all know there’s going to be a busy period from December to January so let’s see how they can come through that.

BOOTHYPE: Who will be the key player for Liverpool through this season?
I believe it’s going to be Mo Salah and Sadio Mane because that’s where you get most of your goals from. Goals win you games though defensively (Liverpool) is sound. But you still got to go out there to win the game and you need goals to do that.

BOOTHYPE: Is there an underrated player in this team?
I don’t think there’s many. I think everyone appreciates all the players quite equally but I do say Firmino doesn’t get the credit that the other forwards do. When you speak to people in football, they all understand what he brings to the team.

BOOTHYPE: If there was one player in this current Liverpool team that you’d like to have played with, who would it be?
Virgil Van Dijk stands out. We were a good team but we could have always used him. Salah is another one. We didn’t have wingers who could do what he did.

BOOTHYPE: You started your career at Leicester. What are your thoughts on the success of your boyhood club?
Rodgers has done a phenomenal job so far. I think top 6 is reachable. They’re still a young side so they might tail off towards the end of the season with the pressures of playing. But Rodgers has a good blend of young lads and experienced pros so we’ll see.

BOOTHYPE: Your thoughts on Raheem Sterling and the incident on England duty?
I think Southgate had to do what he did as he needed to show some authority in the situation. I don’t see much wrong with it and he’s dealt with it the right way. And hey, they won 7-0. These incidents are very common in the training ground and as players, we just get on with it.

Special thanks to the organizers, AFCG, for having us at the fan meet and greet with Emile Heskey, Fabio Aurelio, Dimitar Berbatov and Paul Rachubka. Photos are courtesy of AFCG.

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