adidas Euro 2020 Home Kits

adidas just released kits for Spain, Belgium, Germany, Russia and Sweden.

Has it already been close to 2 years since the World Cup? We saw some amazing kits at the 2018 World Cup and it’s time to look at some new jerseys for the next big summer tournament – Euro 2020. Puma has been making some strong waves with the Italian away kit but it’s adidas who have thrown down the gauntlet with their announcements of the home kits for the participating nations.

It seems that a big design philosophy with this set of jerseys has to do with hand drawn sketch art and brush strokes, evident in the paint lines that feature on most, if not all, the jerseys on show.

Juergen Rank, Senior Design Director at adidas commented, “It was a unique challenge to develop a line of jerseys that would successfully convey the raw emotion and unifying effect of football. But beginning the creative process focusing on hand drawings enabled us to be more direct, human and emotional in what we created. We’re delighted with an end result that truly succeeds in uniting the worlds of art and football.”

Personally, I’m not that big a fan of the brush strokes and all that but these jerseys’ sleeve cuff game is strong. Let’s look into the adidas Euro 2020 home kits, shall we?


Stripes have always been a big part of the German jersey design and it’s these stripes that make a bold appearance again. But it’s the German flag colours on the sleeve cuff that wins it for us, making this kit one of the best from the adidas Euro 2020 home collection.


A homage to classic art, the jersey features an original hand-painted artwork, featuring deep hues of red and burgundy as an abstract celebration of the national flag. I like clean, modern lines so I’m not digging this one as much as I would like to. It does feature a nice touch, with “1920” printed on the neck area honouring the 100th anniversary of Spain’s first Federation shirt and their first iconic crest of a lion.


The Belgian jersey features a similar red base to the Spanish but have gone bolder with large brush strokes to form a sash across the upper. The flag graphic features intersecting lines that proudly hint at the letter ‘B’. Another ‘B’ detail also features on the back of the neck, completing the subtle detailing and intricate detailing of the jersey.


Russia has kept it pretty neat and simple this time around with very little changing from their 2018 kit. The shirt does feature a subtle hand-painted graphic across the torso which I like and finished off with those blue and white cuffs that pops nicely against the bold red jersey.


My personal favourite from this collection goes to the Swedish jersey despite me not even liking yellow jerseys. The Sweden home kit is that good. It’s classy, clean and has a big focus on those sleeve cuffs which replicates the design of the flag.

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