adidas 302 REDIRECT Pack

Re-route path to: One of the coolest boot colourways of 2019.

After dropping the new adidas Nemeziz 19+, the three stripes spent little time in following up with a full colourway launch to accompany the agility boot’s announcement.

Meet the 302 REDIRECT Pack. It’s inspired by sci-fi of the early noughties with chrome and electric red. It even goes so far in the Nemeziz to display these faux circuits adorning the chrome areas.

It also looks a lot like Nike’s Raised on Concrete Pack but with a lot more bling. We’re not complaining – red, black and silver is always a winning combination.

Predator 19+

Nothing says “space age tech” than the adidas Predator 19. It’s bling-ed out throughout most of the upper and soleplate, punctuated by black around the heel and lace area. Topping things off are gorgeous red stripes that appear when the Primeknit “sock” gets stretched.

If you’re gonna be sporting the Predator during a game, you better have fast feet as the opposition will be gunning for you all game.

Copa 19+

The Copa looks like it’s built for the silent assassin. It looks understated but deadly. I think this would have looked just as great on the Predator though I reckon this colourway would appease many leather boot fans. A top performer, a top colourway.

Nemeziz 19+

adidas nemeziz 19 first impressions

It’s the best looking Nemeziz so far and as explained in our first impressions, it seems to also be re-engineered to perform more like a speed boot. It shows in how sleek it looks with the Nemeziz’s sloping silhouette leaving tongues wagging with the BOOTHYPE team.

X 19

Amidst all the furore with the Nemeziz 19+, adidas has snuck in a refresh of the X18 within the 302 REDIRECT pack. The refresh looks almost exactly identical except for a slight change in variation of the texture on the upper, this time showing vertical lines that give it its streamlined look.

One key change is the tongue on the X19.1. We loved the laced X18.1 but it was never easy to get your feet into the boot as there was little stretch on the tongue. The X19.1’s tongue looks to have softened up so I hope that bodes well for our feet.

The tongue looks to offer more stretch.

Either way, little changes are needed on a boot that already performs excellently. And that silver and red? You’re gonna look as fast as you feel in the X19.

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