Puma Hacked Pack

Keeping it cyberpunk with the Hacked Pack.

It seems that big cat is sticking to a cyberpunkish theme in 2019. They kicked things off with the Power Up pack and have switched the red and blue for a dark grey and luminous green in the latest Hacked Pack.

It all looks a bit busy with the faux pixelated design reminiscent of the Matrix movies and the video game, Watch Dogs. Read on for the latest download on the Hacked Pack.

I do rarely say this but the Puma Future 19.1 from this pack is the more understated of the two Puma boots. Its upper is primarily this dark shade of grey while the green camo/static effect peppers the lower half of the boots. It gets much cooler when you get to the boot’s soleplate which is when the full “hacked” effect takes over.

The Future is made for the creative player and I reckon many would dig this flamboyant design on this popular boot.

Go big or go home. That’s what the designers probably said when deciding on the colourway for the Puma One 19.1. Clad in a bright luminious green for most of the upper with the static design taking over the forefoot, it definitely stands out.

I have to say I really like this one and can’t wait for the likes of Aguero and Lukaku to don them for a match. It’s loud and proud and finally stands out against the more popular Puma Future.

The Puma Hacked Pack goes on sale from 4 April. Will you be getting a pair? Let us know in the comments below.

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