Problems with the Telstar?

The World Cup ball is not performing under pressure.

We’ve had some controversy in recent World Cups regarding the balls by Adidas. The Jabulani and Fevernova were criticized for being too light and unpredictable in full flight. There were some murmurs by goalkeepers about the Telstar 18 just before the tournament but feedback on the ball has been largely positive until recently.

The ball burst not just once but twice in this tournament so far. The first we saw of this was during the France v Australia game when Australian defender, Trent Sainsbury, went in for the tackle. Ousmane Dembele of France also noticed a burst ball when he took a set piece later in the match.

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In the game later in the day between the Argentines and Icelanders, it was none other than the GOAT himself, Lionel Messi who demanded a change in ball. Why can’t Adidas make a decent World Cup ball considering their Champions League balls have been excellent?

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Do you think we’re going to see more drama with the Telstar through the World Cup? Tell us in the comments below.

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