Caged in Moscow

The Nike BOX Msk sports centre opens in Gorky Park.

Behold the majesty that is the Nike BOX Msk. Inspired by the “korobka”, the cages where Russian street football was born and bred, the BOX is a 4,685-square-meter sports centre in Gorky Park that includes an outdoor football court.

Nike BOX Msk in Gorky Park, Moscow

Developed for more than just football, visitors can play 3-v-3 basketball, join yoga classes and get involved in some outdoor training. The Moscow Nike Running Club, who have been coming to the park since 2004, will also find a new base from where they can conduct their sessions and have aspiring runners join them.

They opened the doors with sporting royalty in Ronaldo and one time Russian superstar, Andrei Arshavin. “With the eyes of the world on football in Russia, I can’t think of a better time to open such an incredible sports facility. I know the passion and love fans have for the game and the launch of Box MSK will inspire the youth of Moscow to play more sport”, said the former Brazilian international.

“The park has always been a magnet for sport and cultural expression and this is something we have actively tried to encourage,” says Marina Lylchuk, Director of Gorky Park. “We were happy to work with Nike to create this fantastic new facility for the people of Moscow. It’s a welcome addition to Gorky Park and we are sure it will prove hugely popular.”

Play on Russia. With your 5-0 drubbing of Saudi Arabia, the BOX should see Russia go from strength to strength.

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