Why are players wearing torn socks?

Are kit manufacturers doing a worse job or are players channeling their inner grunge rocker when they take to the pitch? We’ve been seeing torn socks since the World Cup which was made fashionable by the likes of Kyle Walker and Neymar. Below are some reasons why we think the socks have been given the 90s rock treatment.

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Dispersing heat

This treatment of the socks was at its most popular during the World Cup in Russia. It was noted to be a hot summer with temperatures rising to as high as 28 degrees Celsius in some regions. While us guys in Singapore are used to such weather (we get 27 degs on a good day!), many of the players at the World Cup are used to the more temperate climates of Europe. This could have been a way to keep their legs cool during a 90 minute game.

Not a fan of the compression feel

The tears in the socks look deliberate as they appear in specific positions across the back of the calf area. As much as Neymar would like to think so, they’re not made from defenders’ tackles. Based on our review of modern football socks, the materials used are made to withstand the rigours of football.

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What’s most likely is that, coupled with the need to disperse heat, many players may not have liked how tightly the sock wrapped around their calves. Considering that these manufacturers supply 90% off the kits for the World Cup, it makes sense that some players did not enjoy the compression fit of these socks.

Fast forward into this season and it seems that only Kyle Walker has carried on his treatment of the socks. Perhaps the heat isn’t a problem now for the other players as we’ve moved past summer but Walker clearly feels that there are benefits to going all Edward Scissorshands on his gear

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Would you cut holes in your socks? Tell us in the comments below.

If you’ve not read our review of the best socks in the market, head on down to this link to read more about them.

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