Puma Uprising Pack

Rise above the challenges of pre-season.

Puma’s latest Uprising pack reaches new levels as they look to inspire footballers to push themselves harder for the start of the season. This new colourway features an orange base for the Puma One 1 and the Puma Future 2.1. The similarities end there as the Puma One 1 gets a lick of chrome on the upper while the Future partners the orange with black to sport a menacing combination.

The Puma One 1 looks like something from the Star Trek universe and we love it that way. It is touted as an all round boot that prioritizes comfort and a great touch on the ball. The space age look is also backed up with some space age tech with a plush Evoknit sock, a combined leather/synthetic upper and grip bumps for traction on the ball. Read our impressions of the Puma One 1 here.

The Puma Future 2.1 is our favourite of the collection with its mean silhouette and striking colourway. The Future allows you to customize the fit of the boot to the exact specifications preferred by lacing up in any manner you’d like. A perfect fit with a seriously soft upper and lightweight construction, the Future is made for the creative player who is light on their feet and mobile with the ball.

The Uprising pack is available now. The Puma One 1 is priced at S$297 and the Puma Future 2.1 Netfit is priced at $312 on prodirectsoccer.com (including shipping fees, excluding VAT charges).

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