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Andrew Lockhart

Boot Man in Japan. Have spent most of my adult life switching between Mizuno and ASICS, most recently have been wearing Adler more than anything else. Current Favorite all time boots is split between the Adler Yatagarashu and the Mizuno Ignitus KH.

Mizuno Morelia Neo IV Beta Japan Review: Small improvements go a long way

What Mizuno says about this boot: Timeless appeal fused with the latest advancementsBoot style: Speed/ComfortWeight: 195g/ 6.87 ounces (US 9/27cm)Previous model: Mizuno Morelia Neo...

adidas X Crazyfast.1 Review: Comfort and a clean touch

If every there was a silo that was a rollercoaster, the adidas X line is it. It can move very quickly from the sublime...

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