About Us

It all started because of a missed strike.

BOOTHYPE.com was started, written by and edited by Hatta Aziz. He was never the most technically gifted player as a kid (and that still stands today!) and he always wanted a pair of football boots that could add to his lack of technique. He wanted to feel and look great on the pitch while ensuring that his performance never wavered.

However, the loveliest looking boots didn’t always fit well or feel comfortable on feet. And it all came to roost in an inter-class football tournament in secondary school when he had a simple tap in waiting for him, and a swing of his leg led to his boot coming loose and flying into the crowd.

Laughter ensued and he didn’t make a good enough contact to prod the ball in.

The BOOTHYPE Mission

With BOOTHYPE, Hatta has made it a mission to try on every football boot possible to ensure no one else would buy football boot that just wasn’t the right fit. Today, he works with his team of boot enthusiasts on making sure that readers not only wore something that fit, but could also share their love for boots with everyone who loves them as much as they do.

Our Reviews

We try on every football boot that is featured on the site and play in them extensively before sharing their thoughts on the boots whether it be in written review or on our socials.

We do receive a commission from our retail partners if you click on the links within the reviews and buy directly from them.

Every dollar we receive goes back into supporting what we do on BOOTHYPE.com

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